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Collection: Karma

Species: Liger (Panthera leo x panthera tigris)
DOB: March 31, 2009
Sex: Female
Arrival Date: October 16, 2010

Rescue Story: On October 14, 2010, Turpentine Creek received a call from Wild Animal Safari in Strafford, Missouri. They were facing stricter
regulations regarding fence height. Because of the enormous financial strain that would come with redoing all of their enclosures, they opted to
downsize their facility. They brought Karma and Brady, two 18-month-old ligers, to the Refuge in a horse trailer. Ligers are the result of breeding a
male lion and a female tiger together. Even though male ligers are sterile and there is no chance of Karma and Brady producing offspring, we made
the decision to spay Karma after noting that Brady became more aggressive when she went into heat. Brady has since passed, but Karma can still be
see stalking visitors at the Refuge.

More about Karma: Karma can also be seen playing with her toys, running along her habitat with her neighbors and even joining in with the other
lions as they carol.
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