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Collection: Emma

Species: Caracal (Caracal caracal)
DOB: March 6, 2017
Sex: Female
Arrival Date: March 1, 2024

 Rescue Story: In December of 2023, Turpentine Creek received an email from the private owner that had a six-year-old female caracal named Emmaand wanted to send her to an accredited sanctuary. The owner said she had attempted to save Emma from a breeder in 2022.

Emma was kept in their basement adjacent to where her son also lived, but the owner began to have trouble getting down the stairs regularly to properly care for Emma. According to her previous owner, Emma loved to interact with cat toys, and if you turn your back on her, she liked running and swatting legs. This is a natural behavior for cats, where they begin to stalk and hunt once a person or animal turns its back. It is one of many factors that makes owning a wild animal dangerous. Emma had access to 2 windows in the basement, but was never able to experience the outdoors. 

Upon arrival at TCWR, a large mass was noticed on her back that she apparently had for around 2 years. Dr. Kellyn performed a visual exam and then a week later, Emma received a comprehensive exam with sedation, which included bloodwork, x-rays, and removal of the mass. Overall, Emma was in very good health and had her claws intact. Due to her history, Emma is very comfortable with people - but she will also hiss and assert herself as a wild animal should. 

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