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Collection: Diablo

Species: Savannah Cat (Felis catus x Leptailurus serval
DOB: January 1, 2005
Sex: Male

Arrival Date: December 13 , 2023

Rescue Story: In 2023, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) took in 34 cats from Big Cat Rescue, an accredited Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) sanctuary in Tampa, FL. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) was founded in 1992 to safeguard the world's exotic wildcat species through a multifaceted approach with conservation efforts to protect them in captivity and their natural habitats. BCR championed the fight on Capitol Hill, which aided in passing the Big Cat Public Safety Act in December of 2022. With united missions, BCR and TCWR have collaborated in rescuing exotic animals nationally, and both are founding members of the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance (BCSA). BCR has been a leader in captive wildlife advocacy for over 30 years, and with the new Act passed in Congress, its mission has shifted to focus on conservation efforts in the wild. BCR approached TCWR in 2023 about relocating their remaining animals to the beautiful Ozarks. TCWR broke ground on the new habitat expansion, known as Freedom Field, in 2023, where BCR animals will reside. Diablo is one of the 34 cats relocated from BCR.

Original Rescue Story: Diablo is a first-generation (F1) Savannah Cat. A Savannah Cat is a hybrid species resulting from the intentional breeding of an African Serval and a domestic housecat. It is likely that Diablo was purchased as an adolescent from a breeder, which Savannah Cats can range up to $15,000. Diablo has a standoff-ish personality and chooses to do things at his own speed. Due to his personality and his instinctual behavior, his previous owners opted to find a new home for him to live out his remaining years. Diablo enjoys living in captivity and is well-respected small predator that has no problem showing his wild side often. Like most predators in the wild, Diablo likes various enrichment; however, thoroughly enjoys marking his territory on anything that may belong to him. Marking territory is a common instinct among wild cats to help ward off unwanted predators and allows them to communicate boundaries set within their environments. 

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