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Good Luck Minis Savanna Pack

Good Luck Minis Savanna Pack

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The savanna is a mixture of wooded and grassland area that is home to a diverse array of species. While most people think of Africa when they think of savannas, this type of ecosystem is found in other locations, including Australia and North and South America.

This Good Luck Minis® Fun Pack features eight animals of the African savanna, including a rhinoceros, an elephant, a zebra, a hippopotamus, a cheetah, a giraffe, a male lion, and a lioness with cub.

Each Good Luck Mini® figurine is approximately an inch long. This set features a range of colors for its figures including gray for the elephant and rhino, black and white for the zebra, brown for the lions, dark brown for the hippo, yellow with black spots for the cheetah, and light brown with brown spots for the giraffe.