Collection: Thurston


Species: Tiger (Panthera tigris)
DOB: October 6, 2007
Sex: Male
Arrival Date: October 6, 2016

Rescue Story: In 2016, the owner of a Colorado based cub petting and breeding operation was diagnosed with cancer, and could no longer run his profitable business. Turpentine Creek acquired the 12-acre closed-down exhibition facility to enable our rescue of the 115 animals onsite. There, we found big cats suffering in cramped cages with flimsy plywood dens that were dangerously exposed to public areas. Onsite records showed very little history of veterinary care, but revealed that the owner had ties to Joe Exotic, and was breeding his big cats to supply other entities within the cub petting and entertainment industries.

TCWR staff and interns spent six months both onsite caring for the animals, and in the relocation of every animal to accredited sanctuaries throughout the nation. After 6 months, and many miles traveled, all animals were placed in forever homes for a second chance at life and 34 of those animals came to Turpentine Creek. Thurston is one of those 34 animals. 

More about Thurston: Our Animal Care Staff describes Thurstons personality and demeanour like that of “Scar” from Disney’s the Lion King. He is very majestic, yet loves to sneak around and stalk people. He also enjoys giving our staff a hard time when they try to give him his medications, really making them work for it. Many of the Colorado cats have issues with the sun, because there the sun is much stronger and the altitude much higher.  Being a white tiger, they are especially vulnerable to the sun and prior to the rescue the facility had major issues with providing enough shade for their animals. 

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